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L and I were all ready to go to Gozo, a smaller island that’s part of Malta. We had signed up for a group trip with our hostel, where we didn’t have to navigate the island ourselves or anything! Unfortunately, we were the only two people to sign up for the trip, so they cancelled … Continue reading Gozo


My friend L and I took a day trip to the capital of Malta on our second day there. We were staying in a hostel in St. Julian’s and there were two ways to get to Valletta from St. Julian’s: take one of the sketchy Maltese buses that come whenever they please, or walk along … Continue reading Valletta

St. Julian’s

You’ve probably never heard of St. Julian’s because you’ve probably never heard of Malta. I’ll admit, when my friend L suggested visiting Malta, I agreed to going without knowing where or what Malta was. Turns out, Malta is a teeny tiny island between Italy and Africa. It’s its own country, and is part of the … Continue reading St. Julian’s

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