It’s NOT a Small World After All


“It’s a small world after all,” claims the Disney World ride as its passengers cruise through depictions of different countries.

I hate that ride.

Mostly because one time I got stuck on it for an hour while that awful song kept cheerily playing the whole time. But I also don’t agree with the lyrics.

Although different countries seem accessible with technology today, there are so many cultures upheld by almost 7.5 billion humans living in 195 countries on this planet. That’s a pretty huge variety of people and places on earth if you ask me.

Maybe I think this way because my personal world has been confined to a single city. My first move was to my college dorm last year, approximately 10 miles away from my childhood home. My world’s a small world after all.

“What about the trips you’ve taken?” you may ask. “Didn’t they expand your comfort zone?”

Some of them, yes. Especially the two solo trips I took to the Dakotas and NYC this past summer without my family. But I don’t count some of my travels. Like when I went to Mexico, I didn’t really go to Mexico. I stayed in a resort so removed from the community that it could have been anywhere on the planet, not allowing me to learn anything about the local people and daily life.

So as of now, the world is still a vast land filled with unfamiliarity yet to be conquered by little me.

But, who knows? After my semester abroad and future travels, maybe I will find that it is a small world after all and that people and places are more interconnected than I thought.

Still, I do know one thing for sure: I will always despise that Disney ride and its perpetual song.


My sister and I smiling after finally escaping the It’s a Small World ride.



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