My Study Abroad Packing List

I’m posting my study abroad packing list so I can come back later and laugh at myself.

Future self to past self:

“You didn’t need eight pairs of shoes, what were you thinking?? You know I wear one pair of shoes constantly until it’s destroyed.”

“You brought so many extra tampons that I started using them as a form of currency with other students. Didn’t need ALL of those.”

“I ran out of clean underwear thanks to you. There are never too many pairs of underwear. Never.”

You get the picture.

In all honesty I have no idea what to pack for five months abroad plus three weeks backpacking. I’ve tried to do some research on the internet but after a while of staring at my computer screen I got bored and I just decided to wing it.

From the little research I’ve done, I’ve gathered that my wardrobe is completely inappropriate for Europe.

If I had to use two words to describe my sense of style they would be: athletic hobo. Nearly my entire closet is filled with leggings and printed t-shirts, which are apparently not popular where I’m going.

So, great. Not only do I not know what to pack, but the things I already own will probably scream “HELLO I’M AMERICAN.”

With that said, here’s what I did end up packing. I left about a quarter of my luggage empty so I can buy clothes while I’m overseas and hopefully improve my fashion sense a little!



15 pairs of socks (6 long, 9 short)

19 pairs of underwear – excessive? maybe

1 swimsuit

3 (real) bras

3 short sleeve shirts – most of mine are free t-shirts from events, so I’m lacking here

2 cardigans

4 sweaters

7 long-sleeved shirts (2 nice)

8 tank tops (4 nice)

3 pairs of shorts (2 jean, 1 nice)

4 pairs of jeans- crying inside: I hate jeans

2 pairs of leggings

1 pair of athletic shorts

1 athletic tank top

2 rompers

1 skirt – the only one I own

4 dresses (1 maxi, 3 short)

2 sweatshirts

2 lounge/pj shirts

pj shorts and pants

Shoes – the most important

Flip flops

Chacos – walking sandals

Nicer sandals

Wedge booties

Combat booties


Tennis shoes

Rain boots



6 mo. of tampons and pads – better safe than sorry

2 tubes of toothpaste – I’m super OCD about having this specific brand

4 bottles of contact solution and contact cases – I have sensitive eyes and need this specific brand

7 pairs of earrings – lol I don’t normally wear any

3 necklaces – if I wear them I get a gold star


Hair straightener – mine apparently works in European outlets



Daily planner

29 hairbands – yes, I counted

Bobby pins

Pencil bag w/ pens & pencils





2 hairbrushes

Carry-on Bag

Laptop & charger

2 pairs of earbuds

Electronic chargers

Outlet converter

6 mo. of medications

6 mo. of contacts

Camera & its accessories


Coloring book & pens – I’m a child

Folder of Everything – important documents, my life in one folder


Enough clothes for 3-4 days

Mini toiletries



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