Real Alcázar de Sevilla

My study abroad group took a tour of Real Alcázar de Sevilla today, and wow is it gorgeous. We walked through the building and its grounds with our guide who shared the history of the location.

Our tour was in Spanish, because we’re here to learn and practice the language. That being said, some of my facts could easily be wrong due to the language barrier. But I like to think that I speak the language pretty well. I haven’t accidentally sworn in Spanish yet (that I know of).

This palace is home to the Spanish royal family whenever they travel to Sevilla. They seem to be figureheads, much like the royal families in Britain.

Fun fact! Apparently the Spanish royal family had blonde hair and blue eyes in the past, unlike their citizens they ruled over, because they married high status people from northern European countries. Or, if they couldn’t find someone new, they married their cousins. Hooray for inbreeding.

There are many different styles of architecture present on the grounds. According to my guide, nfluences from Arabic, Christian, and many other cultures can be seen in the building. The palace was built in sections; so parts are way older than others, and were built by various rulers.

The most impressive part was definitely the gardens. My friend and I got lost trying to find the exit because the outdoor area is massive. There were little pools and fountains everywhere, along with lots of trees and those weird sculpted shrubs.

Tons of orange and lemon trees were also on the grounds. I was tempted to snatch an orange off the tree, but I’ve been told that the oranges on the street aren’t good for eating unfortunately. I’ll still probably eat one eventually.


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