Las Setas

What the heck is that?

Yep. That’s what I thought too the first time I saw this strange, boxy blob.

Las Setas, or in English, “The Mushrooms,” are giant pieces of modern art randomly placed in the middle of Sevilla. I’ve seen them a couple of times while walking around downtown and I admired their weirdness, but today I scaled las Setas.

As far as I know, these mushrooms really have no significance. I asked my host mom if they had a meaning, and she said that they were built to cover up what used to be an ugly parking lot. Really their only purpose is to introduce modern art into the city and mystify its viewers.


For just three euros you can take an elevator to the top of las Setas and walk around the deck above the sculpture. Your three dollar ticket includes a drink of course, because you’re in Spain, and why wouldn’t a ticket to sit on top of some giant mushrooms include an alcoholic drink?


I ordered a tinto de verano, just about the girliest, most American drink possible (because real Spaniards only drink it in the summer; hence verano), and walked around the deck, taking in the picture perfect views. While seeing Sevilla from this angle is pretty neat, you can’t just come to the Mushrooms at any time of the day.


Sunset over las Setas is what you really want to see. I nearly left before the sun started setting because I got there at 6:30, when the weather channel said the sun would set. But we all know how accurate the weather channel is. The sun actually set around 7:30, and luckily I stayed until then because the view was worth the wait.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself:



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