Feria de Abril

So Feria translated to English actually means fair. Guess who didn’t figure that out until day four?

I’m actually smart sometimes, I swear.

Feria de Abril is a giant fair, obviously, that happens in April. Most of the time. It’s always two weeks after Easter, which is why it was in May this year with Easter being so late. Feria is held on an enormous fair ground which I’m pretty sure is only used for this one event every year. Part of the fair is stereotypical fair-like with rides and cotton candy, and the other part is filled with casetas, and drinking and dancing.

Feria 10
I went on a class field trip to the fair grounds before Feria started, the calm before the storm

Some Feria important vocab words to know:

Caseta: a little (or not so little) very glamorous house/tent, usually filled with tables and chairs, a dance floor, a DJ or live band, bathrooms, and a fully equipped bar and kitchen

Rebujito: the traditional alcoholic drink of Feria, one third Manzanilla (a really nasty, sweet sherry) and two thirds 7 Up or Sprite, it’s quite strong yay

Feria 9
Where the rebujito magic is made

Sevillana: the traditional dance of Feria which includes four different sets of steps and is a lot harder to learn than you’d think, even for a dancer like myself

Feria 3
Me pretending like I can dance Sevillana

Gofres: it just translates to waffles, but there are lots of stands where you can get chocolate covered waffles and spill them all over yourself like I did

Traje de Flamenco: a dress in the style of Flamenco, generally brightly colored, crazily patterned, ruffly, and usually mermaid style

Feria 12

Mantoncillo: the tassled scarfy thing that all the women wear at Feria

Moño: hair bun that is the most popular hairstyle, always accompanied by a giant flower usually worn on the top of your head (I wore it on the side cause I have an incredibly small head which looked ridiculous with the gigantic flower, but Brenna is wearing it in the most popular fashion)

Feria 7

Portada: the big, lit up, extravagant gate/entrance to Feria

Feria 1

Despacito: only the best Spanish song ever made by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, I heard it five times in one hour while wandering around during the night time

Feria usually starts on Monday, but this year it started on Saturday. I wasn’t there for the first three days of it, but I went four of the days.

One day I went with my friend Brenna, her host mom, and my host parents. This day was by far the best because not only are my host parents awesome, but they have a lot of friends and got us into some really fancy private casetas.

Feria 5
the host padres

The first Caseta we went to was really exclusive. The president of Andalucia (the region where I live) was there, along with a bunch of other famous political people. There were some regional actors there too, and oh yeah. The singer of the Macarena, Antonio Romero Monge. You know, “One maca two maca three macarena?” Yeah that guy. No big deal, we got a picture with him. Everyone had had a little too much rebujito to actually get a decent picture, but I still have proof that I met him!

Feria 6
He’s the guy in the tan suit. AYYYYY MACARENA AYEEEE!!

We caseta hopped two more times with our host padres, drinking rebujito and eating the free desserts in the fancier casetas along the way. By far the best day of Feria for me.

Don’t have Spanish padres or friends to get you into casetas? Never fear, there are some public casetas out there! There definitely aren’t as many as the private ones, and they aren’t as nice, but they play some bumpin’ non-Sevillana music at night. Like Despacito. If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with that song and listen to it probably at least 100,000 times per day.

Feria actually never ends. During the week it is a 24 hour event, and according to my Spanish friends there is never a time of day when people aren’t there. FERIA FOREVER!!!!

The only living creatures that have a curfew are the horses. They can prance around all day long, pulling carts and humans who practice what seems like unsafe horse-handling practices, but the horses have to be off the streets and tucked into bed by 8:30 sharp. Spanish time. So not sharp.

Feria 2
had to pet the horsey

Overall Feria was a huge success: drinking, dancing, and fun all around. Viva la Feria!!!


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