Reverse Culture Shock is REAL

The class advisers flashed a graph up of cultural integration up on the board. It was titled "Culture Shock." The graph depicted a rise in culture shock in the first few weeks of the study abroad experience, finally diminishing at the end of four months. And then there was a huge spike in the graph. … Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock is REAL


Anne Frank House – Don’t Repeat the Past

Empty. Just as the Nazis left it. Now a museum, the attic that housed the Frank family, van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer, is exactly that. Empty. No beds. No chairs. Barely scraps of personal items. Empty. It was never refurnished intentionally, as to stay true to its final condition and serve as a reminder. … Continue reading Anne Frank House – Don’t Repeat the Past

Feria de Abril

So Feria translated to English actually means fair. Guess who didn't figure that out until day four? I'm actually smart sometimes, I swear. Feria de Abril is a giant fair, obviously, that happens in April. Most of the time. It's always two weeks after Easter, which is why it was in May this year with … Continue reading Feria de Abril


A little background on myself. I am a self-proclaimed Harry Potter super-fanatic. Not just a fan. Fanatic. I've read the books at least four times all the way through and watched the movies God knows how many times. I've of course also been to the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios and considered trying to … Continue reading HARRY POTTER OMG

How to Get LIT in Sevilla for 60 Cents

*disclaimer: I am 19 (almost 20), and the legal drinking age in Spain is 18, so (nearly) all of this is completely legal. Also, kids start drinking here as early as 12, so the drinking culture is very different. Yes the drinking age in the States is 21, and I of course NEVER drink there. … Continue reading How to Get LIT in Sevilla for 60 Cents

Prague: Land of Defenestration

defenestration diːfɛnɪˈstreɪʃ(ə)n noun formal humorous the action of throwing someone out of a window. "death by defenestration has a venerable history" has a venerable history... in Prague. At least, according to my all-knowledgeable tour guide. There have been more than a couple of very famous deaths by defenestration in Prague. One time a pack of enraged … Continue reading Prague: Land of Defenestration

Budapest, Hungary

"See that black building? It's black from air pollution," exclaimed my tour guide. Oh cool, I thought to myself. Industrial age at its finest. Then he said, so casually, "and those holes in the building? Yeah, those are bullet holes from World War II. Or actually, maybe they're from the Revolution against the Communists." Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! As beautiful … Continue reading Budapest, Hungary

Easter Sunday in Sevilla

Easter isn't just Sunday in Spain. Unlike us lazy Americans, the Spaniards celebrate for an entire week: Semana Santa. It starts the Thursday before Palm Sunday and goes until Easter Sunday, so it's actually even more than a week. Over-achievers. During the week huge processions run through the streets of Sevilla. These parade-like events happen … Continue reading Easter Sunday in Sevilla

Chefchaouen, Morocco

I'm blue daba dee daba dieeeeee. Just a little background music to set the stage for ya. My last day in Morocco on my school trip was spent in Chefchaouen, aka "The Blue City." Take a wild guess as to why it's called that. Yep, the whole city is blue! Pretty much every building and door … Continue reading Chefchaouen, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco

4:30 AM: the hotel rooster crows. Sorry sir, but you are severely confused. It's absolutely not morning. Nice try though, you're only about three hours early. Side note, what kind of hotel has a rooster? Luckily I went back to sleep and slept in (ha ha not) until 6:00 AM. Another very early day with … Continue reading Tangier, Morocco