L and I were all ready to go to Gozo, a smaller island that's part of Malta. We had signed up for a group trip with our hostel, where we didn't have to navigate the island ourselves or anything! Unfortunately, we were the only two people to sign up for the trip, so they cancelled … Continue reading Gozo


St. Julian’s

You've probably never heard of St. Julian's because you've probably never heard of Malta. I'll admit, when my friend L suggested visiting Malta, I agreed to going without knowing where or what Malta was. Turns out, Malta is a teeny tiny island between Italy and Africa. It's its own country, and is part of the … Continue reading St. Julian’s


This is certainly not a word I want to hear in the same sentence as the phrase "my international flight." Especially not when it's coming out of the mouth of a cranky lady on the airport loudspeaker. "Technical issues" was the diagnosis of our plane. What a bunch of BS, canceling a flight because something … Continue reading *CANCELED*

European Transportation: the Good, the Bad, and the … Hot Pink?

Plane, train, boat, bus, you name it and I've probably taken that mode of transportation. Camel you say? Yeah I got that one checked off the list too. Definitely would not recommend a camel for long distances, but to each his own. Anyways, I traveled with a lot of companies while I was abroad and … Continue reading European Transportation: the Good, the Bad, and the … Hot Pink?

Safety: Europe vs. U.S.A.

"Did you feel safe ... over there?" Some people who were worried asked me this question upon my return from Europe. They would say "over there" like Europe was some sort of foreign war zone. It was like they were insinuating that it wasn't safe, and that the United States was so much safer. Frankly, … Continue reading Safety: Europe vs. U.S.A.

Roatan Island, Honduras

We stepped off the boat and it was already drizzling. Day two of rain on the cruise. Just what I ordered from the weather Gods! Before boarding the ship, we hadn’t booked an excursion for Roatan Island because everything online is expensive, and we’re cheap. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to spend $89 to … Continue reading Roatan Island, Honduras

Cayman and Crack

Grand Cayman was the only stop that my mom scheduled an excursion for. We were going to swim with some supposedly tame sting rays. Needless to say, I was pumped. Then it got windy. To get to Grand Cayman, you have to take a tender boat from the cruise ship. If it’s too windy, the … Continue reading Cayman and Crack

My UPDATED Study Abroad Packing List

I included my packing list in one of my very first blog posts so that I could look back, reflect, and laugh at myself. Well people, it's time. Let's laugh. For those going abroad this spring semester, I hope you will find this helpful in calming your packing woes. Here's a key for your understanding … Continue reading My UPDATED Study Abroad Packing List

Make the Most of Study Abroad

It's been almost a year since I left for Sevilla, Spain, and as some of my friends are gearing up to go abroad this spring semester, I'm wishing I could go back more than ever. Unfortunately, my parents aren't fond of me taking five years to graduate just so I can go abroad again, so … Continue reading Make the Most of Study Abroad

Reverse Culture Shock is REAL

The class advisers flashed a graph of cultural integration up on the board. It was titled "Culture Shock." The graph depicted a rise in culture shock in the first few weeks of the study abroad experience, finally diminishing at the end of four months. And then there was another huge spike in the graph. What … Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock is REAL